Here to create, learn and share.

Here to create, learn and share

Here to create, learn and share.

Here to create, learn and share.

Born in Jundiaí, a city 60 km away from São Paulo, Brazil, I was lucky enough to have an opportunity in Design at the age of 16 in the now extinct Arsenal de Ideias. After moving to the big city one year and a half later, I've studied Advertising at Mackenzie University, worked for the univeristy's experimental agency and then moved on to the digital market, as an intern at, later taking on an Art assistant role.

From 2011 to 2012 I've studied in The Cass (London) for an MA in Graphic Design, awarded with Merit. After returning to Brazil and working as a Creative Designer for the digital agencies Tribal Worldwide, Ampfy,  Sapient AG2 and LOV / Isobar, I've decided to take yet another turn and work as a UI Designer.

These many years of career led me to the UI Design Coordination at Sapient AG2, in which I strived to facilitate and lead the work of our design team in a journey full of challenges and new lessons. 

I have given a lecture at Mackenzie University's 2015 Communication Week and in 2016 I've participated in a debate about creative career and professional pathways.

Now living in Copenhagen, I'm open for new opportunities to apply my expertise and passion in new, exciting projects while trying to learn Danish.
I've also recently released WARPD's first full feature album, Full Plate.

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